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Rashid Hasan

Manufacturing Sciences and Technology Manager

Rashid has over 11 years of experience in Cell & Gene therapy, including the full spectrum of services related to the development of biologic products – from early research and process development to GMP Manufacturing & QMS compliance. He has hands-on experience in product management – the development of Car-T cells, Lentivirus, Adeno Associate Virus (AAV), Adenovirus, bacterial & other viral vaccines and key qualitative processes including IND submission and WHO pre-qualification.

Before joining CellVec Rashid served as the R&D Manager/ Project Manager for Viral Vector Development in GenScript – China. His other key appointments include – BravoVax Wuhan – China, Panacea Biotec & Panera Biotec Ltd., India as the Senior Scientific Officer for Viral, Bacterial Vaccine Development in Downstream & cGMP Commercial Manufacturing for UNICEF. 

Rashid received his Master of Science in Biotechnology from Allahabad -India.