CellVec endeavour to optimise a balance between innovation, efficiency and safety, while ensuring compliance with current GMP regulatory standards.

CellVec’s state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing facility encompasses the process-driven design approach that it adopts for the manufacture of viral vectors for gene therapy and other cellular ATMPs.

In partnership with leading EPCMV service providers, our GMP facility was designed and built in accordance with a stringent tender, quality and GMP review process.

While our primary focus is on viral vector manufacturing, our GMP facility is versatile with a flexible configuration to cater for batch expansion of multiple types of products.

Our GMP manufacturing centre is also supported by a purpose-built warehouse that has dedicated cold storage with -80°C freezers and controlled-rate freezers, a cryogenic facility, QC and research laboratories. Additionally, our GMP systems are monitored by a validated Environmental Monitoring System and protected by backup systems.